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The MoonCats community is concerned its final 160 “Genesis” figurines will all be accrued by bots, with more than 70% voting to abolish the tokens’ private keys.

MoonCats, the long-dormant tokenized figurines stage that was re-exposed previous this month, now has a problem on its hands — trading bots.

MoonCats collectibles depict 8-bit cats that live on the moon that can be dealt with or ‘adopted’ by operators. The project was thrown on August 9, 2017, by creator Ponderware, with a hard boundary of 25,500 MoonCats set to be shaped through a procedure similar to Ethereum mining.

Though, the MoonCats community is currently fearing the upcoming announcement of the final 160 Genesis cats might be hijacked by trading bots, with operators complaining that Mooncats has become swarming by bots programmed to accrue new cats the instant they can be purchased.

MoonCats was revived previous this month amid the booming development of the NFT industry. When collectors lately became aware of the project, it was stated that MoonCats NFTs were going for between $50 to $200. Though, prices have meanwhile increased fast, with MoonCats now trading for 1 ETH on average.

The greatest sought-after breed of tokenized space cats is ‘Genesis MoonCats’ — tokens that were amongst the first 256 mined on the stage. A Genesis MoonCat vended for 100 ETH value roughly $180K previous this month.

With the final 160 Genesis cats now awaiting release & the MoonCats community dreading they might be all accepted by bots, Ponderware is observing the MoonCats community choose how to continue next.

On March 17, the designer threw a smart-contract poll for MoonCats operators asking: “Should the MoonCatRescue developers abolish their private key so that no future Genesis MoonCats can ever be free?”

A “yes” outcome will stop Genesis MoonCats free in the future, as the private key to the wallet holding the cats will be erased. A “no” outcome will see the private key conserved & further deliberations between Ponderware & the MoonCats community to found a “fair” method for allocating the final Genesis cats. The developer specified:

‘A fair delivery of those cats may prove technically, socially, or economically unbearable. We will work with the community to encounter the challenge, but it is probable to be a complex & drawn-out subject.’

As of this writing, the poll displays that 72% of respondents are on the errand of abolishing the private key, while 28% are opposite.

Bots have been producing problems across the NFT space for numerous months. On February 26, NBA Top Shot was involuntary to interrupt the launch of their Premium Pack owing to high levels of botting action on the platform. Dapper Lab’s CEO, Roham Gharegozlou, spoke about the delay, noticing the firm is not interested in rapid sellouts made by trading bots.

In March 2020, the ETH founded the collectible game Axie Eternity sought to punishment botting activity by delivering 30-day bans for any accounts related to the usage of bots.


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