Did a huge Chinese power outage reason Bitcoin’s crash down to $50000?


On-chain forecaster Willy Woo argues a huge power outage in Chinese mining hub Xinjiang herd Bitcoin’s violent crash down to $50K.

Woo renowned reports classifying the blackouts were available late previous week, with the power outages happening to facilitate safety reviews in response to a new flooding chance at a local coal mine that saying 21 miners provisionally trapped underground after power & communications expired down.

Rendering to the Cambridge BTC Energy Consumption Index, or BECI, Xinjiang signifies closely one-quarter of the worldwide hash rate.

The forecaster notes yesterday saying the main everyday drop in total BTC network hash rate meanwhile Nov. 2017, with hash rate plunging from 172M terahashes per second, or TH/s, to less roughly 154M TH/s, rendering to Ycharts.

General crypto market forecaster, Willy Woo, has credited the violent April 18 cryptocurrency crash to an unexpected droplet in hash rate subsequent from a power outage in the Chinese area of Xinjiang.

Woo points to 9K BTC that was moved to Binance on April 16, gambling the funds were probable sent by a “whale with earlier knowledge to activities in China.”

Coupled with weighty selling in the three-monthly futures markets, the downward momentum drove $4.9 billion value of BTC liquidations & an additional $4.4 billion in boundary calls in the altcoin markets — with a record 1M accounts being settled.

Though, not everyone decides with Woo’s study, with Cinneanhaim Ventures partner, Adam Cochran, telling “the impression that a power outage last night in a mining area in China ran to the drop in $BTC” as ‘utter nonsense.’

Woo renowned that long-term monsters who infrequently sell have been procurement deeply amid the dip, adding that the inferior $50K range is starting “the main cluster of price detection since BTC was underneath $10k.”

‘Validation of BTC as a trillion dollar asset is hugely strong,’ he held, adding that 13.5% of the whole Bitcoin supply has been moved on-chain though Bitcoin’s capitalization has surpassed $1 trillion.


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