Non-Fungible Token Sales Begin to Dive, NFT Interest Declines, Finance Author Highlights NFT Oversupply


Non-fungible token (NFT) assets and collectibles area unit getting down to see sales decline and interest in NFTs is dropping further. In addition, it’s being said that AN “oversupply of NFTs” might hurt the market, in keeping with James Surowiecki the author of “The knowledge of Crowds.”

  • In 2021, non-fungible tokens are all the craze and therefore the trade has grown up very talked-about throughout the previous couple of months. Throughout March seven through the thirteenth, 2021, the term “NFT” searched on Google within the U.S. touched AN incomparable high reaching one hundred on Google Trends (GT). Since then, queries for NFTs have softened within the u. s. to ninety two the week when and ninety five throughout the last week, in keeping with today’s GT information.
  • Worldwide queries for the term “NFT” on Google went from a score of one hundred to ninety five. the largest subregion within the world sorting out “NFT” on Google stems from China. Uganda, Canada, Singapore, and the U.S. follow severally.
  • The entire term “non-fungible token” in keeping with GT information, shows the score recently born from one hundred to AN eighty nine.
  • The NFT marketplace NBA high Shot saw a decline in sales and was born to its lowest percentages to this point, in keeping with statistics on April three, 2021.
  • Sales numbers, sales in USD, and active market wallets for NFTs have additionally seen a decline in recent days in keeping with today’s data. 30-day stats show NFT sales born over 80%’s market history details.
  • James Surowiecki, the author of “The knowledge of Crowds” has recently written concerning oversaturation within the NFT trade on March 31, 2021. Surowiecki explains in his article referred to as “An Oversupply of NFTs goes to Kill the Golden Goose,” that “the signs of oversupply area unit straightforward to ascertain.”
  • “With NFTs, the danger of oversupply is very acute, as a result of there’s nobody guilty, and therefore the barriers to supply area unit therefore very low— you’ll virtually produce a brand new NFT in an exceedingly matter of minutes,” Surowiecki’s editorial explains. “And, in contrast to comic books or baseball cards, NFTs don’t collapse or get discarded. In alternative words, the sole factor we actually realize NFTs is that there’ll be additional of them a month from currently than there area units nowadays.”


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