Our Man in Shanghai: Filecoin the talk the city, Polkadot and NFTs gain attention


Retail investors are a unit flocking to shop for Filecoin on exchanges with predominately Chinese user bases and also the head of the PBOC thinks the digital yuan has an associate uphill battle to require on Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Distributed storage network project Filecoin is the talk of the city as FIL was the foremost extremely listed token on Huobi, OKEx gate on weekdays. These 3 exchanges have a preponderantly Chinese user base and represent an oversized part of the Tier One mercantilism volume for major pairs. On weekday afternoon, Huobi mercantilism volumes of FIL were quite thrice that of BTC because the value reached a 7 day increase of 170 percent.

Filecoin has had robust success in capturing the eye of Chinese investors, together with giant investment teams like Fenbushi Capital, SNZ Capital and Neo’s EcoFund. These 3 were a part of a bunch that backed the $23 million Filecoin system Fund, proclaimed on 25, march. The Filecoin system Fund is meant to support and facilitate development on the network. It may additionally offer backers early access to new comes, that may be a profitable model for VCs in associate progressively crowded investment areas. It remains to be seen that of those 2 consequences area unit a much bigger priority for the funds concerned.

On March twenty eight, OKEx made a video explaining the ideas behind Filecoin, that received around 600 shares and 3400 likes on Weibo. This shows a high level of attention from the Chinese retail audience, a demographic that’s powerful to get and arduous to preserve over longer time-frames.

NFTs in national capital, Polkadot in Hangchow

Beijing-based BlockCreateArt hosted a significant NFT exhibition on March twenty six supported by business firm Christie’s, Digital Finance cluster and mining rig producer Bitmain. Interest in digital art has exaggerated on some levels in China, however cultural and inventive variations have light-emitting diodes to an additional pragmatic approach towards leading digital artists like Beeple. The exhibitions are stopping in Shanghai early in April month.

Hangzhou was home to the Open Days blockchain exhibition sponsored by Candaq Fintech cluster. The event had one hall dedicated to Polkadot comes, with speakers from Rarelink, Litenty and Phala, among others. The approaching parachain auctions became a subject of interest with such a big amount of native comes and comes with ties to the region being designed on Polkadot.

Central bank head says digital yuan taking part in catch-up

The head of the Digital Currency analysis Institute at the People’s Bank of China has recognized that non-public payment processors Alipay and WeChat Pay area units during dominant positions within the Chinese payment area. Throughout a panel look, Wang Changchun noted that the government-backed digital currency would be required to take care of stability ought to one thing happen to the present solutions. For the instant, WeChat Pay and Alipay don’t appear to be in any at hand danger of losing their market share, however that might modification quickly if government-led incentives were placed in situ for those willing to convert.

In enterprise news, electrical vehicles whole IM Motors, operating with SAIC Motor and Alibaba, proclaimed a blockchain hopped-up service network that may incentivize customers to share knowledge with the corporate. so to attain some level of traceability and resistance to meddling, on-chain points would tend to customers exploitation of the vehicle and connected apps.

The blockchain network was proclaimed as exclusive and personal, therefore whereas it represents a small standardization of blockchain technology, it’ll seemingly have abundant in common with additional centralized storage networks.


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