Why Social Trading Platform DTrade deserves a look over


Lack of transparency problem in social trading becomes solved

Social trading has been one of the go-to solutions for newcomers to the crypto trading sector for a while now. Attracted by growing prices and increased interest, a lot of retail traders rush towards the opportunity to invest in crypto without really knowing how to trade, other than to buy low and sell high.

However, trading is more complicated than that, and requires patience, discipline, a sound strategy, and constant vigilance. Not to mention tons of research, dedication, trial and error, and more. Since many believe that the opportunity is now, and that they don’t have the time to take a long road, they turn to copy-trading, which allows them to copy top performers’ moves, and hopefully achieve similar results.

Unfortunately, most social trading platforms don’t tend to work out for a number of reasons, which mostly include some of the common, ongoing problems. However, the problems have been looked into by some projects, and Decoin’s DTrade platform appears to have found the key to making these troubles go away.

Copy-Trading: Problems and Solutions

The biggest issue with copy-trading is the lack of transparency. Sure, you can see who the top performers in crypto trading are, and you can do what they do, but most people are not willing to risk their money if they don’t understand why the trader is doing what they are doing. Worse than that, you don’t even know if the traders truly know what they are doing, or if they just had luck.

The platforms themselves are to blame here, as they do not offer high enough transparency, nor do they make rigorous active checks. All of it results in copy-traders losing trust in top-traders, and faith in the platforms, eventually simply being disappointed in crypto.

DTrade does things differently. It focuses on bringing these high level of transparency, and allowing you not only to see who the top players are, but also what they do, how they do it, how much profit they make, and it even offers live-recorded trading sessions for users’ education.

The best way to earn is through example, but this way, you don’t have to risk your own money. Instead, see how professionals handle tough situations, and learn from their example.

The platform is still young, but it has developed a plan to grow and attract users through a very sensible business model.

DTrade’s Growth Strategy

As the crypto industry has shown, the best way to attract people to your platform is by providing incentives, and so that is what DTrade is doing. The company has a multi-faceted business model that involves dividing the profits, increasing demand for the platform’s coin, and offering rewards.

On DTrade, the profits from completed trading sessions are divided between three parties — Decoin itself, the trader that is being copied, and the person who is following the top trader. The platform also aims to increase demand for its coin, and this is done by putting a 50% discount on the trading fees for those who use the native token while making transactions.

Of course, the platform also aims to increase the number of users to as many as possible, and with so many new traders coming to the industry, this should not be too difficult. Especially since DTrade offers a reward system worth 70% of trading fees for referred users.

Lastly, DTrade also aims to bring influential, professional traders to work on the platform. Since these people already have a large following that they managed to gather on social networks like Twitter and Reddit, attracting them is likely going to attract a fair portion of their communities.


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