Wife Leaves Husband After He Rejected to Sell BTC at $60000 & Accepted the Dip


BTC prices outstanding the $60K milestone certainly woke up a huge wave of joy across the crypto community. Though, such an achievement did not carry happiness to a married couple, who riven up after an argument on whether to sell BTC at that price level or not.

Wife Leaves the House to Stay with Her Sisters

Rendering to a post on Reddit, an operator called “Parking_Meater” gave his particular testament on how the BTC bull-run over up hurting his marriage. His wife left the house as he did not decide to vend the BTC when prices sent the new all-time high at that time.

In detail, Parking_Meater was impacted by his wife adding more money to his BTC position. He fulls how the marital situation deteriorated in a matter of minutes:

She just left to go break at her sisters. She is super mad that I did not sell at 60000 & looks at the price often admonishment me. I keep effective her we don’t require the money & have the cash. We live nice. Though today she wedged me buying the dip & was so pissed she nearly hit me! Now she packed bags & went to her sisters to stay. She said not to convert to her.

So distant, the Redditor has not revealed the total amount of cryptos traded throughout the notorious “buy the dip” transaction that motivated his wife’s anger.

Story Involved More Jokes Than Words of Provision

When BTC traversed the $60000 threshold on March 13, the estimate achieved to exchange hands circa $61,318. Later, bitcoin fell over 15% since then. As normal, in most Reddit gossamers, Parking_Meater’s particular story was not exempt from comments joking about the condition.

One operator suggested he must save a few statistics for the divorce lawyer.’ Additional one even said him that bitcoin mooning can be a wife-altering event.’

Though Parking_Meater ended up his fleeting testimony by requesting help to the community in discovering a good place to pick up girls’ in his Lambo, it appears like nobody read that sentence, as one user optional.


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