Lime is spending $50 million on a major expansion of its e-bikes

Micromobility firm Lime is spending $50 million to expand and enhance its e-bike network.

Lime started its journey with e-bikes – in fact, it even used to be called LimeBike – but has since become known for its iconic e-scooters where it’s put most of its effort in recent years. Now, the company is returning to where it started.

The $50 million investment in Lime’s shared electric bicycle network will add a new model of bike, double the number of the green (quite literally as well as environmentally) vehicles in the cities where it operates, and expand to many new cities.

Here’s a breakdown of Lime’s new e-bike model:

The most interesting change is the swappable battery which is interchangeable with the company’s e-scooters. Other changes – like the basket, phone holder, and more powerful motor – are more incremental improvements but ones that should make using the bikes more enjoyable and convenient.

In addition to doubling the number of bikes available in existing cities, Lime plans to launch in “a dozen” new US cities – and dozens more across Europe and other markets – by the end of this year.

Overall, Lime says it’s aiming to launch its e-bikes in 50 new cities by the time 2022 rolls around.

With more people picking up cycling during lockdowns for exercise and fresh air, increasing traffic congestion making inner-city car travel a living nightmare, and the need to reduce carbon emissions, it’s no wonder Lime is taking the opportunity to expand its network.

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