March: Rethinking Processes and Putting People First Amid Digitization

On another positive note, Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, says the pandemic could be the end of the 9-5. “People want to work when they work best,” she says. “They want to make a living and have a life. This is not new, but having had a taste of what is possible, the genie is not going back in the bottle. Most people want to go back to the office, just not all the time. Most have found they are actually more productive at home, particularly in work that requires focus. They have been successful collaborating at a distance, but they prefer to do it in person. Organizations are entirely redesigning their places and spaces to reflect this as a permanent shift.”

With the rise in remote work and working from home, assuming it’ll be a permanent rise (at least to some degree), businesses are having to rethink certain business processes and business practices. Lister says the way we have been working for the past several decades is not sustainable for employers, employees, or the environment. Going forward, flexibility and agility will be key to survival.

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