Panagiotis Andriotis

Panagiotis Andriotis
29/03/2021 – 08:17


Panos is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Forensics and Security at the University of West England (UWE), Bristol, U.K. and a JSPS Fellow. He has been involved in 2 E.U. funded projects (“ForToo” and “nifty”) as a Postdoctoral Researcher and his current research is focused on the human factors of cyber security. He investigates the impact of user’s choices in their daily routines regarding their privacy and online security using data collected from mobile devices to create users’ privacy profiles and advice methodologies that could effectively enhance their privacy. He is also interested in the study of the proliferation of automatons in online social networks and how we can prevent malicious entities manipulating public opinion using bots and synthetic entities.

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