WAV Token

We have designed the WAV Token to follow the emergence of the 5G, blockchain and IoT technologies and when you own WAV Tokens, you will be part of the new future.

The Most Powerful Digital Asset

Following 5G & Blockchain Technology


Cryptocurrency is beginning to be seen by the masses as a revolutionary technology. It’s rise to prominence is causing a global rethink of the concept of money and eliminates the need for fee-taking middlemen when conducting transactions. It is now the 21st century, and there are more mobile phones than there are people on earth. It makes perfect sense for a global form of money to exist. Cryptocurrency answers the call – digital currencies are universal Internet currencies that can work on any computer or mobile phone.

Cryptocurrencies transact on blockchains – this is the backbone of the cryptography technology. The blockchain has several use cases, and the probably the most interesting and live altering use case in the convergence of the blockchain and 5G technology. Fifth Wave News covers these technologies both separately and more importantly when they are combined.

5G technology has a great impact on the Internet of Things (IoT). Even though we have sensors or devices that can communicate with each other, they need multiple resources and are instantly draining LTE data capacity. As 5G provides unbeatable speeds of up to 100 times faster then 4G, you can reliably control health monitors, kitchen appliances, climate control systems, 8K steaming services, virtual reality (VR) consoles, to name just a few of the myriad of implementations.

In addition, 5G will bring us autonomous vehicles that are capable of communicating with traffic lights; vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, as the name implies, connects cars to each other for sharing data about route and speed – this will help reduce accidents and traffic congestion. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication allows for wider communication possibilities, allowing for automated communication with parking meters, parking garages, and various types of ‘street furniture’, potentially allowing for street lights to be switched off if no drivers are on a given road

5G opens entirely new horizons for healthcare. Systems, services, and applications within the healthcare industry are set to become better connected than ever before. 5G technology will help turn antiquated healthcare systems in hospitals into smart hospitals that can deliver remote healthcare services to patients around the world. Faster network speeds and the quality of care will allow doctors to engage remotely with patients at home or in field hospitals without the worry of network blackouts, disconnections or lag time. Innovations in medical device technology will provide more medical gadgets to patients who can reliably measure and monitor their health from home. These do-it-yourself innovations in healthcare will calibrate, gather and validate data from trusted sensors. The data can then be transmitted to a variety of medical and health care professionals for analysis.


Earn tokens several ways:

  • Earn WAV Tokens by simply logging into your portal
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  • Earn WAV Tokens by creating WAV Token videos
  • Earn WAV Tokens by referring others to register for FREE
  • Earn WAV Tokens by building a team of WAV Token holders
  • Earn WAV Tokens when anyone in your team buys WAV Tokens
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